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Event Presentation

Race Registration

Event Results 2012

Videos & Photos of 2011 and 2010


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For persons with disabilities call 786 897 8769 to request event information in accessible format.



riders meeting 2012
GREAT WIND, GREAT LOGISTIC, GREAT TURN-OUT ...Riders, Judges, Spectators, and park rangers : We all enjoyed those Masters 2012 !

We had a great event this year, i think everyone agree with that one :
15 to 23kts kts ! with lulls to 8 , then wind again , it has been a challenge but the race directors Neil Hutchinson and Christophe Ribot did the right choices , and we managed to run the EVENT in ONE DAY , since the forecast was downgraded for the Sunday, and Easter would have made it harder for many to attend !" 
trophiesjudges tower

Have a look at the fantastic photos from Rimas Kinka, a Crandon Rider member, on this link, they speak for themselves: Masters 2012 photos 
Rimas Kinka
Please give credit to Rimas for these great shots of everyone, ...and for his new World GUINESS RECORD of the longest Kiteboarding Distance in 24hrs , ran last month in Islamorada : over 400 miles in 24 hrs !! Respect amigo , and congratulations.

 anabel's smile 
 lydia & monika, photos & videos
cabrinha team
local Crandon riders  Gio & john

Many thanks also to Rick Iossi's great photos as each year posted on the, florida's kitesurf forum.
And a Video coming in couple of days , from Lydia Galin of Mediartist productions. 

Thanks to Neil hutchinson from Slingshot kites, for being the legendary PA at the Masters for 9 years !
and the help from  Gary Menk of Jimmy Lewis , to run the heats, and Juan & Morgan of TKS for judging the Freestyle contest with us.

A special note as well to Villa 221 who hosted the Opening party in their beautiful lounge. We definitely found the top place for hosting kiteboarder parties.

Here are the Results of the MASTERS 2012 :

1-Brandon Bow
2- Damien Leroy
3- Leif Given
4- Matt Collins

1- Annabel Van Westerop
2- Alexandra Menk

Trophy of the Youngest Contestant : to Andre Bacic ( 14 year old ) 
waiting for  the heat  gio & cory in their heat
Matt Collins 
Johnny bergerAlexandra villaveral menk

RACING ( a reaching leg between 2 marks of 1/2 mile ) 

1- Damien Leroy 
2- Matt Collins
3- Gary Menk

1- Annabel Van Wersterop
2- Alexandra Menk
3- Janice Stone

Trophy #1 Senior : Bertrand Lecoq ( 50...+ year old )
damien & annabel

BIG AIR CONTEST Winner : Giovanni Messina 

We had a solid 20kt consistant toward the end of the day, and the Big air contest was a amazing Show. Special Mention to Damien's Cabrinha team riders, who put up a breathtaking spectacle in jumping synchronized: a real aerial ballet !

annabel big air

More photos on facebook , and a VIDEO in few days.

And i want to give a SPECIAL THANKS to MIAMI KITEBOARDING TEAM, and all friends who joined us on the logistic of this competition: Adrienne & Ugne, the smiles at MKB booth... Maxime, Jorge, Daniel, Oandy, Stefano, Dominic, Kristian, Rusty, Ayoub, Marilys, Stefan, Laurent, Amanda, Steven, Andres, Lydia, Gio, Monika, Luigi, Virginie for her great T-shirts designs and Arthur for mixing the sound all day.
Without you all, it won't be such an event !

Special mention to the Eco-Tour guides for helping us patrolling the beach , and Crandon Park authorities cooperation for providing us the infrastructure and let us run the event since 2004 !

See you next year !
Miamikiteboarding team



Miami Kiteboarding Masters April 7 -10 2012 – 9th Edition
Crandon Park North Beach , Key Biscayne FL, 33149

2012 marks the 11th-year ANNIVERSARY of the MiamiKiteboarding School!

Program of the 2012 Contest:

Contest Program:
Long distance Race - Freestyle contest- SUP Races and Strapless Exhibition/demo
Pro & Semi-Pro series and Amateurs Series.
Exhibitors booth & kiteboarding clinics through the whole weekend.

Miami Kiteboarding Masters Event Registration for 2012.

Choose Between Race, Freestyle or Both competitions.

IMPORTANT : Please Note all riders! Last year, the Freestyle and Race competitions were not performed so all of those who paid for the registration of the 2011 Masters have a credit towards this year! However all 2012 competitors must complete and submit a new online waiver and registration found here:   Riders Pre-Registration required online only.



- Friday April 6th from 7pm : OPENING PARTY at VILLA 221 Happy Hour 7 to 9pm, Food, Videos, DJ...don't miss that one ! Click here for Directions (Also check our video 2011 Bash Above)

- Saturday 7th - 10.00am to 6.00pm : SLALOM RACES Men, Women , Junior - SUP relay races - DEMO GEAR from Sponsors all day.

- Sunday 8th - 10.00 am to 6.00pm :  FREESTYLE HEATS  Men, Women , Junior  -  AWARDS CEREMONY AT THE BEACH. 

Winners of each category will receive a trophy! Thank you and see you at the beach. 

 If you have any questions please email us to:

Riders Pre-Registration required online only : Click Here


Events Contact :
Andres Montero
Events & Communication Manager
(786) 271-4458


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