Cancellation- Refunds -Warranty and Return Policy


CANCELLATION CHARGES: If you cancel 2 day prior to the lesson a full refund will be made. For cancellations one day before the lesson 15% of the package will apply and will be deducted from your deposit. Cancellation received the same day of the lesson 30% of the package will apply or no refund will be given on your 30% deposit. Since the reschedule of cancelled space will likely result in a lost opportunity to sell other space, the cancellation fees are due regardless of reschedules.

CHANGES: Name changes are considered cancellations and are subject to cancellation fees.

REFUNDS: Refunds cannot be made on unused lessons voluntarily cancelled or omitted by the client. No refund will be given for the kitesurf lessons not conducted.
Refunds will apply as a result of unpredictable event only.

For gift certificate refund will apply less a cancellation fee of 15%.

All Payments are to be made before the lessons.
Week end lessons must be pre-booked with a 30% non-refundable deposit.

If the lesson can not be run because lack of wind or weather condition, the lesson will be postponed. The school can't be held responsible for weather conditions, and Instructors are sole judges and authorities to conduct or not their lessons for the safety of our students. If lesson can not be rescheduled an alternative watersport activity will be suggested either SAILING -WAKEBOARDING or JETSKI . If alternative watersport is refused a 15% administration fee will be kept and deducted from your deposit.



Cancellations have no fee if they are requested before we issue shipping instructions to our warehouse. Because of the speed with which we are able to ship most items, we cannot guarantee that your order will be cancelled before shipping.

In order to help us cancel your order before we begin the shipping process, please contact Tel/fax 305-3459974 before 5 PM EST on the same day you place your order.

No return will be accepted after the goods are delivered or & used.


Miamikiteboarding warrants its products to the original purchaser, this warranty is subject to the Manufacturer limitations:

The warranty does not cover products used in rental or teaching operations.

This warranty is void if any unauthorized repair, change, or modification has been made to any part of the equipment.

Miamikiteboarding warrants its products to the original purchaser to be free from major defects in material or workmanship for a period stipulated by the MANUFACTURER from the date of purchase. This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

The warranty is valid only when the product is used for normal recreational activities, and does not cover products used in rental or teaching operations.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, punctures, rigging with other than the Manufacturer kiteboarding components, damage due to excessive sun exposure, damage due to over inflation of the bladders, damage caused by improper handling and storage, damage caused by use in waves or shore break, and damage caused by high speed crash or damage caused by anything other than defects in the material and workmanship.

This warranty is void if any unauthorized repair, change, or modification has been made to any part of the equipment.

The warranty for any repaired or replacement equipment is good from the date of the original purchase only.

This warranty excludes used / pre-owned gear sold on Miamikiteboarding

The manufacturer will make the final warranty determination, which may require inspections and/or photos of the equipment, which clearly show the defect(s). If necessary, this information must be sent to Miamikiteboarding at the address below, postage prepaid to be sent to the manufacturer.


This is the only warranty we offer and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. We expressly disclaim any and all liability for bodily injury or death and for incidental and consequential damages to the maximum extent permitted by law. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the manufacturer product covered by the warranty, it does not extend to subsequent purchasers or third parties.

There are no warranties that extend beyond the warranty specified herein. The duration of any implied warranties are hereby limited to the manufacturer duration of our express warranty.

If you have any questions about our Limited Warranty simply contact our Customer Service by phone at 305-3459974 (10am to 5pm, EST), or via email at:


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