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EVENTS   Watersports Challenge
In the Exciting, Hilarious challenge, held every month, your group participates in a series of competitive tests, racing against one another and engaging in real challenges.
Our challenge games offer all participants the opportunity to shine, both individually and as part of the tea.

But it doesn't end after the race. Join us at our popular hangout lounge at 221 for a fun party - Meet and Mingle.
The Watersports Challenge will be held at Crandon Park Beach, Key biscayne, the ideal location: ranked top ten beaches in the USA - White Sand - Flat, Clear Shallow Water, in our amazing beach front concession - Showers, Restrooms, Snack, Wi-fi, and Secure Parking. You will be supervised by state-qualified licensed instructors.
Watersports Challenge
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Designed for men and women 18 and up
The most incredible singles and watersports event


Stand up paddle board is a new form of surfing that is taking over our coasts. It is relaxing, fun, and a great workout for core muscles and balance; while in the middle of the ocean. Our instructors have put up a series of exercisies and fun games to improve your skills and balance on the board:

  • Team Relays & Fun Races

  • Gladiator Paddle Balance

  • King of the Paddle

This personalized Kayak program will allow you to experience various entertaining aspects of kayaking such as:

  • Kayak Relays

  • Kayak Polo

  • Kayak Rescue

To begin: Upon arriving at our beach location, participants are greeted by event officials and team members and are given an overview of the day's exciting activities.
The next steps:
Meeting your team members, that will be pre-chosen by event official, based on different criteria in order to create equivalent strength.
Setting up headquarters, delegate team captain
On foot, on kayaks, on boat, on surfboard, through a series of race heats.
Teams will navigate strategically in search of the islands hidden clues.
Races/Relays, definitely the best challenge where teams meet and must work together in a timed event to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges building amazing friendships or more..


Surfing the wave along the sea shore tracted by your teammate using a spandex line.

☐ Challenge Hunts

The challenge hunt is one of many different types of games which consist of trying to find hidden articles, locations, or places by using a series of clues, spread all around the park.

Enjoy a great night at Miami's Extraordinary Special Event Venue - Join Us as we continue the celebration at the after party and receive your prizes and more. VILLA 221