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  • Location, location, location : we famously have the best spot to teach in Miami. Immediate beach access with flat shallow sand bar & beautiful lagoon style waters and the conveniently placed next to our school & shop, parking, showers, lockers, lounge deck, snack bar, Wifi, music so you can chill out and chat, or just relax under the palm trees;

  • Strict compliance to IKO international teaching standards and certification;

  • For us “Safety” is not just a word : we practice and repeat it! Experience, professionalism and a responsible approach are key to our mission;

  • Our instructors are IKO certified, CPR trained, insured, knowledgeable and serious professionals;

  • We use well-proven and efficient teaching methods : Short lines kites for stress-free first piloting, Radio-helmets two way communication during lessons, and "exclusive" power boat for faster waterstart learning;

  • Continued skill development programs : Jetski-assisted practice , boat-supported downwinders, kiteboarder’s club membership , specific clinics for advanced skills , kite trips getaways…

  • Cool, friendly and passionate staff to address your needs and questions;

  • MiamiKiteBoarding is not just a school, it's a kiteboarding destination, a family. Experience our beach tropical atmosphere, located in the beautiful Crandon Park, it's is a kitesurfing paradise :)

Our achievements speak for us:
  • 1st kite school established In Miami ( 2001)

  • One of the largest school in the USA

  • 1st North American IKO training center 

  • 1st kite school to be contracted by government parks & recreation 

  • 1st Women-only kiteboarding event organizer

  • Recognized as the most rigorously organized kiteboarding location

  • Only school to feature our exclusive power boat waterstart simulator

  • 1st school to offer kids-only clinics

We are the Kitesurfing Pioneered of Miami, located in the beautiful lagoon waters of Crandon Park.
Miami Kiteboarding was founded in February 2001 and acclaimed innovator ever since,
offically becoming a Miami Dade county Kitesurfing vendor since 2010 in South Florida.
We are the original kitesurfing venue and well known for operating the most professional
and rigorous kiteboarding concession in beautiful Florida.
From the very beginning, Miami KiteBoarding is always looking to promote kitesurfing 
to the community and media :
- Creating and hosting historical events such as Key West / Cuba Crossing in 2002 (Guinness Record for the longest distance)
- Kite For Girls in 2004 (1st Women-only Kiteboarding event in the USA) 
- Miami Kite Masters since 2006 (largest kiteboarding gathering in Florida). 
Our philosophy is to spread our passion for kiteboarding to everyone.


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