Would you like a career as a kiteboard Instructor?

Make some extra buck$$ on the weekend, while practicing your passion?

Take the Assistant Instructor Training Plus Course ( AITC+) to start your career with us at Crandon.

This course is the first level towards a progressive career as an IKO Instructor.

Would you like to take your kiteboarding skills and turn them into teaching competencies?

In this course, your IKO Certified Assistant Trainer will show you how to assist as a kiteboarding Assistant Instructor under the supervision of an Instructor Level 2 (or higher). 


Your training will be divided into 3 parts: evaluation and improvement of your knowledge and riding skills, theoretical lessons and practical teaching situation.


Your Assistant Trainer will help you uncover how an IKO affiliated Kite Center works thereby making you knowledgeable on how to: prepare, use and manage equipment properly; follow the fundamental safety principles; and much more.

What’s next?

Do you want to work without supervision of an Instructor Level 2 ?

Become an Instructor Level 1

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Frequently asked questions

What would  i choose the IKO certification to become an instructor:

IKO is the only diploma recognized worldwide in over 40 countries and known with the best proven safety and quality standards. The best way to kite the planet while getting paid!
The organization provides a global network easily accessible from an intuitive and simple App. Certification procedures for students are instant and provide access to many ressources for additional knowledge as well for the kiteboarders than the Professional instructors. Iko enjoy a solid reputation and credibility worldwide where students are guaranteed to be taught through proper safety steps, strict equipment guidelines, appropriate locations, professional coaching and internationally recognized certification level.

Can i enrolled directly in an Instructor Course ( ITC ) if i kite for years and already taught many students ?

To maintain the teaching standards at its highest level internationally, any candidates must undergo the complete training cursus which requires to first complete the 5-days Assistant Course ( AITC ), then followed by the additional 5-day Instructor Course itself ( ITC). This is how IKO maintains and secures a uniform training level worldwide with same quality standards for all future IKO instructors

What if i just want to learn more but not interested in an professional career ?

That is an excellent approach to boost your personal knowledge about the sport and fine-tune your individual technic. You benefit from all multimedia ressources that the IKO network offers , you can guide, assist, manage or simply promote safe teaching in you area, you are still able to certify friends, and log hours even without working for a remuneration

Do I get an insurance as an instructor ?

IKO offers Liability coverage policies in most countries wherever you teach around the globe. Although restrictions apply in some countries where insurances are available through specific companies only.

How long is my IKO diploma valid for ?

For life ! as long as you renew your membership annually and remain active teaching a minimum of hours per year , as well as up to date to the safety standards .

Can i get the IKO diploma by equivalency if i am already a certified instructor with another organization ?

Yes, IKO has made reciprocal agreements with most of Kiteboarding organizations around the world to provide quicker access to obtain the IKO equivalency diploma. The candidates only need to register to the ITC 5-days course and does not need to attend the AITC course. His other diploma must be up-to-date though

What career progression can i get as an IKO instructor ?

There is a whole path open to those who want to reach higher qualifications within the IKO organization program: You start as an instructor level1 once completed your ITC training, then as you keep logging more teaching hours, you reach Level 2 and level 3 instructor, which gives you more credentials such as: school manager, access to Coach, and Assistants Trainer level, to eventually reach the top level of Examiner, although the criteria are pretty high and IKO only train Examiners as the market needs.