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Would you like a career as a kiteboard Instructor?

Make some extra buck$$ on the weekend, while practicing your passion?

Take the Assistant Instructor Training Plus Course ( AITC+) to start your career with us at Crandon.

This course is the first level towards a progressive career as an IKO Instructor.

Would you like to take your kiteboarding skills and turn them into teaching competencies?

In this course, your IKO Certified Assistant Trainer will show you how to assist as a kiteboarding Assistant Instructor under the supervision of an Instructor Level 2 (or higher). 


Your training will be divided into 3 parts: evaluation and improvement of your knowledge and riding skills, theoretical lessons and practical teaching situation.


Your Assistant Trainer will help you uncover how an IKO affiliated Kite Center works thereby making you knowledgeable on how to: prepare, use and manage equipment properly; follow the fundamental safety principles; and much more.

What’s next?

Do you want to work without supervision of an Instructor Level 2 ?

Become an Instructor Level 1

To start a training: CONTACT CHRIS :

  • Why do i have to register to Kite here ?
    This facility is under authority of Miami Dade County which assigned a vendor to apply the established kiteboarding rules. Among these rules boundaries and restrictions, the county requires that each kiteboarder is identified, has signed the liability waiver and is capable to kitesurf on his own. Therefore before going on the water you must check in at the school and prove your kitesurfing level. If you dont have a certification card yet(e.g IKO card) no worry we will check you out and deliver your IKO digital card for free. It is included into your Pass. Should you not have the independent level 3 required to kitesurf on your own at Crandon, you still have the option to ask for a lesson or a Jetski Supervised session to buff up your skills under guidance of a professional coach.
  • Why should I pay to kitesurf on a public beach ?
    Although crandon park is a public facility, the authorities have contracted Miamikiteboarding as a private vendor to ensure their mandatory rules are strictly followed. One of them being the restriction on the number of kiters on the water. Only 25 kiters can ride at the same time and must be under close surveillance. As a results the operation requires a Beach Safety marshall and a comprehensive logistic of rescue features to keep everyone in check and provide assistance as needed. Additionally, due to high number of local kiteboarders on weekends, we do not deliver DAY PASSES on Saturday, Sundays and Holidays to avoid excess of kiters on those days. Note: the county has highest authority over the kitesurfing activity in their park, and they may shut down the access at anytime if the rules are not implemented properly !
  • What is included in the Pass ?
    Whether you sign up for a Day, a Monthly or a yearly Pass, the service includes: - Beach launching / Landing assistance - Surveillance and Jetski support if any troubles off shore - IKO Certification Card ( digital on IKO App) - Free Chairs & Umbrellas at our Beach Club for you and family - Free WIFI on site - Showers and hose to rinse of gear Note: the Yearly Pass provides additional benefits such as: 10% off on all MKB services and 5% off on all items in the shop, free demo gear, Lycra or other branded necessity.
  • Can i set up my gear on the North side of the beach ?
    Unfortunately no, this is a Preserve area, which is strictly enforced by park rangers and MKB staff. You put yourself at risk of getting removed from the park.
  • Is there any parking?
    Yes, plenty of space and parking is conveniently close to the beach, 400 feet. There is a $5 fee via Meter onsite or Pay-by-phone. Note: Do not leave any valuable visible in your car, even though the police patrols regularly, break-ins happen sometimes. Keep everything in your trunk.
  • What are the other spots if i want to pay less than at Crandon?
    There are several official spots outside of Key Biscayne. Although they are under similar private vendors, they don’t have as many restrictions than we do in Crandon park. With no restrictions on the number of kiters. Although they will require a Level 3 independent certification as well. Matheson Hammock Park in south Miami, ( 30 min drive from MKB) and 76th Street on north Miami beach. ( 20 min drive from MKB )
  • Where can I read / learn about all the rules & boundaries at Crandon ?
    For your convenience, we have several signs posted across the park with the set of rules: at the entrance of the Park, at the entrance of the beach path accessing the designated kite spot and at our School where you come register. Additionally, you will be asked to watch a quick video summarizing the most important rules, and our beach marshall will review with you the boundaries on the spot will help you to launch your kite. Dont forget to sign-in the daily attendance sheet with him, its also required by the park rangers and they check randomly throughout the day. You can also find all the rules and Maps on our website HERE.
  • I have only one kite for me and my friend, may I pay only 1 Day Pass ?"
    Unfortunately, the Day Pass is required for each individual going in the water, even if you use the same gear. This is a liability requirement and the park authorities are also quite strict about it. But you have the option to rent kites from us, and the Day Pass will be part of the rental.
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