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Once payment done, call at (305) 345 9974
to book the day and time of your lesson.

Price: We count 1hr toward your package of lesson, or $150 / person for 1 hour session

in semi-private session


* If we fail in our mission to get you to stand up on the board for a short distance. ​

MKB has a unique system to BOOST your board skills 

Whether you need to learn the waterstart, or improve your upwind, edging, transitions, toeside,
or you want to get into foil boarding, then the BOOSTER is an amazing system that will make you succeed
in only 1 session thanks to slow speed practice, endless repetitions, close technical guidance of a coach,
and radio helmet technology.


The BOOSTER will save you many hours and frustration, for only the price of 1 hour lesson !

What if I already know how to wakeboard?
Wakeboarding delivers sensations and requires a skills set very different from kiteboarding. A kiteboarder uses a harness while holding precise feet positions and pointing the board toward the kite.
With an instructor literally on your side, the MKB Booster will help you to easily stand up on the board, and quickly come back on your board after crashing. You will even get a video after your session.
The most efficient method to learn how to stand up on your board, and improve your board skills in no time !

In 2011, we engineered a UNIQUE system on our boat to speed up the waterstart learning process in less than 1 hour !

  • ​This is a MKB innovation and exclusive method

  • There are only 3 systems in the world, including the one in Florida for our students !

  • Hundreds of our students have benefited from it, and have proven the efficiency of such unique system: As the boat propels the students, the "MKB Booster" accurately reproduces the "board" sensations experienced by any riders while kiteboarding. It will take only 1 hr with the MKB Booster to develop your board skills whereas 3 hrs or more will be needed to do the same with a kite in hand!​

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