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Are you an Instructor Level 3 and have at least 24 years old?

You enjoy teaching kiteboarding and are looking for a way to increase your revenue with your passion?

The IKO is looking for the next generation of Assistant Trainers.

All Instructors Level 3 can apply to an Assistant Trainer Training Course (ATTC).

Enroll in a 5 day-live-course by contacting the Organizer of an ATTC, which always happen along an AITC-Plus.

You will receive the guide you need to study before the course.

You will be supervised directly by the Examiner in charge of the training to get ready.

Once you are certified you can start Training new Assistants at Miami kiteboarding and get paid

What’s next?

If you are a LEVEL 3 INSTRUCTOR, 


to schedule the next ATTC and receive the Trainer Manual

so you can start studying your new functions !

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