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Learn to foil in a few sessions !....
What is the easiest way to learn how to kite foil?
Try our Foil Booster!

Learning with our booster allows you to fully focus on the foiling itself, rather than worrying about the kite. 

The first hour and half focuses on board balance control and foiling sensation without a kite, using our innovative

MKB BOOSTER at low speed, easy and safely from Christophe our expert foilboard coach & IKO examiner.

Purchase your selected lesson then call (305) 345 9974
to book the day and time of your lesson.

Purchase your foil and receive 50% on the foiling lessons

The 2nd lesson is in deep water with your kite using JETSKI SUPPORT  and RADIO HELMET technology,

with entry level foil wing.

Combined with our BOOSTER towing unique technology makes foilboarding easier,

safer and hassle-free as never before.

Jet Ski Support is also available for those who just feel more comfortable with someone keeping

an eye on them in case something goes wrong.

Fact: Foilboarding increases your riding time on the water by 60% as you ride upwind in 8 knots!

GET ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE PACK.... Foiling is the new realm.

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