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Learn to ride upwind and more in 1/2 day !

Jetski supervision is available for those who are up and riding, but not quite yet staying upwind consistently. 

NO more long walking back on the beach, and little time just practicing and enjoying kitesurfing. 

This is the best proficient tool to improve your updwind riding skills. 

To reserve call at (305) 345 9974

Only $150 up to 3 hrs with your own gear / or $250 with MKB gear


At Crandon, every weekend, contingent to weather conditions

To make fast progress conveniently, most of your time on the water is mainly focusing on refining your updwind riding skills.

It also helps you to build your confidence to relaunch your kite in deep water.

Last but not least, you will feel more comfortable to practice body dragging and get back your board knowing the Jetski supervised program is here to assist you.

Our jetski instructor will give you a lift every time you need, providing you with all space needed to efficiently and safely practice away from shore in open water.


Jetski Supervision is also available for those who just want to feel more comfortable with someone keeping an eye on them, as needed.

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