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Come kayaking with your whole family;

a healthy and fun group activity in a beautiful tropical surrounding with perfectly clear waters.

NO booking online available. Come to see us directly. Our Sit-on-top kayaks are stable,
and plenty of space to take your accessories with you for your tripChildren can enroll at any time.

For more hours rental, please call or text the following number 305 345 9974.
This is where your journey begins. Take a friend, your swimsuit, and sunglasses.
Grab a paddle, head to the water with a kayak rental, and experience the great waters of key Biscayne.
Our kayak rentals, best kayaking in Miami, are an amazing way to get in shape,
get a tan and experience
the beauty of the ocean protected by a sand bar called the breaker about a mile from shore.

Our kayak rental is situated 10 min from Miami Beach, occupying a three-mile strip of mangrove estuary
in Key Biscayne immediately north of Biscayne Bay Waterway within the city of Miami.

During your kayak adventure you’ll paddle past impressive sand bars, sightseeing of Key Biscayne,

Fisher Island and South Beach, and maybe even manatees, stars fish or stingrays.


Kayaking are low impact activities that can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility.

Specific health benefits include:

  •  Improved cardiovascular fitness.

  •  Increased muscle strength, particularly in the back, arms, shoulders and chest.

  •  Increased torso and leg strength, as the strength to power a kayak comes mainly from rotating the torso
    and applying pressure with your legs.

  •  Reduced risk of wear-and-tear on joints and tissues, since paddling is a low impact activity.


Some other good reasons to paddle include:

  •  Kayaking can be peaceful and meditative or can be exhilarating – depending on where and how you do it.

  •  Kayaking is a great way to enjoy our waterways.

  •  Paddle over sea-grass beds and sand flats as you make your way past an ancient fossilized reef
    and into the serene mangrove forests.

We are a locally owned shop that strives to inspire our guests to join us in reclaiming an active stewardship

of our natural world through inspiring sea kayaking tours. You don't need any experience to join us,

just an adventurous spirit and a desire to learn, explore & protect the great key Biscayne/Crandon wilderness. 


Miami Kiteboarding Kayak Rental is a local kayak shop in South Florida Miami with a great, friendly vibe.

We specialize in eco-friendly adventure kayak for all ages and abilities. No experience necessary.


Request a back seats to support your back if you are going on an extended trip of 2+ hours.

We do also offer full moon and sunset kayak tour adventures.

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