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to watch the complete set of rules at Crandon Park

What you need to know about the spot.

Crandon park in Key Biscayne is a kitesurfing paradise, only 2 miles away from Miami Downtown. Warm temperature year-round and shallow water lagoon makes it one of the best spot in the country.

But strict regulations are imposed by Miami Dade County, Crandon park Rangers, and Lifeguards authorities, in accordance with the Crandon Park Master Plan, Ocean Rescue and IKO Safety guidelines;


Miamikiteboarding being the kitesurfing vendor in the park, we are mandated by Miami Dade County to manage and enforce the Kiteboarding regulations on the spot ! Consequently, understand that we are not MAKING the rules,


The MAIN RULES being:

 1- Kiteboarding is only allowed DURING hours of operation of Miamikiteboarding AND the Lifeguards ! Make sure you check the seasonal hours. 

2- No Kiteboarding on WEEKENDS During SUMMER May 31st to Sept 4th. AND on the following peak affluence days: Mother's Day - Easter Weekend - Labor Day - Memorial Weekend 

3- Kiteboarders must REGISTER & Check-Out with MKB before using the facility 


Please adhere strictly to the rules to ensure safety of beach goers and help us keeping the spot open, as we have been doing the last 15 years. 


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Since access depends on your kiteboarding level, please check-in to Miami Kiteboarding Office before going to the beach.



  • You must be independent kiteboarder to be eligible for a Pass at Crandon.

  • IKO Certification check-out is included in your fee.

  • Upon satisfying the minimum required level, your Pass will be validated.

Registration fees required at Crandon Park

Yearly Pass $350

Weekly Pass $100

Daily Pass $40

No Day Pass on weekends, due to limited riders capacity !



- Kiteboarding access to Crandon park’s restricted kitesurfing facility.
- IKO worldwide certification digital card 

- Liability coverage when riding at Crandon
- Beach Safety marshal to help launching / landing and surveillance

- Jetski rescue / patrol for your safety on the water.
- Boat Shuttles to sandbars during Westerly winds (fee applies)
- Downwinders and Kite trips with a chase boat to explore new spot around Miami (fee applies).
- Kites Demo d
ays, free clinics and free Kites trial all year-round


What do you get with your Kite Pass at Crandon?

When buying Any Pass at MKB you are joining the long established Crandon Riders Club and enjoying the following benefits:



- Access to REAL-TIME WIND and LIVE WEBCAM of the spot
- Complimentary “ MKB Riders” rashguard 

- 10% on all MKB SERVICES (Lessons, Downwinders, Rentals, Summer camps...)*not applying to day pass

- 10% discount on the entire MKB SHOP (Kites, Boards, accessories …)

- Access to MKB BEACH LOUNGE with Chairs & Umbrellas for you and your family / Free WIFI / Music / Showers / Lockers

- Kite Repair services year-round 

- IKO CENTER for lessons, rentals, supervision, and advanced coaching

- KITE  SHOP onsite for all your equipment needs 

- Beautiful tropical sandy beach for your family and visiting friends
- Food & Drinks with OpenSeas restaurant partner in Crandon Park
- Join the MKB Rider's WhatsApp Group Chat for daily Wind updates and direct communication with your fellow members 

- Join Crandon Riders Facebook page for what's happening on your spot

Crandon is a location like no other but expect rules to be enforced and your proof of competences to be requested.


This is the only way MKB has been able to maintain this kite paradise opened to the public.

We welcome all competent kiteboarders willing to play the fair game.

Visual boundaries of the spot

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