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This year, we have decided to restructure our Annual kiteboarding Pass at Crandon and reward our loyal members with a degressive fee system. 

From now on, your Pass fee will decrease upon the seniority of your membership, if you renew continuously every year.


  • NEW MEMBER - $350

  • SILVER MEMBER (2 years) - $300

  • GOLD MEMBER (3-4 years) - $275

  • PLATINUM MEMBER (5+ years) - $250

In order to reach the next level, you will need to renew your membership every year without interruption and comply with all rules and regulations.


What's included?   Click here for a full list of services provided

  • Rider's Rashguard 

  • Streamer ID 

  • Access to Crandon Park Kiteboarding (during business Hours )

  • Beach Marshall and safety patrol on duty 

  • Real-time Wind & Live webcam 

  • 10% OFF on all MKB products and Services

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Click on images to access the feed 


Crandon Park is a highly regulated  kiteboarding facility.  Miami Dade County, the Park authorities and Ocean Rescue has imposed a strict set of Rules and Guidelines for the safety of all park Patrons. 

Miamikiteboarding as a vendor is mandated to enforce these rules. 


By purchasing the Annual Pass, you acknowledge that you Read and Understood the regulations in place and will comply with them, and that violating the Rules may result in temporary or definitive suspension of your Kiteboarding Pass. 


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Kitesurfing Rules Acknowledgement: Mandatory sign-in to receive your member's Streamer and Rashguard !

Thanks for helping us keeping the spot safe 

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Crandon Riders WHAT'SAPP Group Chat

CLICK HERE to join the MKB Rider's Group Chat for daily Wind updates and direct communication with your fellow members 

Crandon Riders Facebook group:

CLICK HERE to join Crandon Riders Facebook page for what's happening on your spot

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