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Welcome to the Miami Kiteboarding School 2020/21 Youth Program! 

This program is dedicated specially to children and teenagers. 

We run a YOUTH KITE SURFING Program, year-round for children (9 to 12) and teenagers (13 to 15). 
Children can enroll at any time.





It includes:

  • 10 hours of pro coaching in group of 2 kids

  • All kid-specific equipment : harness helmet impact vest , kite, board and short-line trainers 

  • Board training with our unique Waterstart Booster  

As an IKO center, we assure that our coaches are specifically trained
to teach children aged 9 and older. 

Let’s be honest, many dads want to see their little ones kiting

but It takes the right teaching psychology, adequate size equipment

and ideal spot conditions to safely usher kids into kiteboarding.

Children naturally learn faster!


We add fun & buddies to the quick process.

That's why our clinics kept to a small group of 2 or 3,

sharing the fun while under the watch of a trained specialist coach.

The aim of our program is to teach young riders how to become SAFE & CONFIDENT

on all aspect of Kiteboarding. 

Lesson Plan:

  • Recognize good conditions for kitesurfing: weather, beach patrons, obstacles and dangers…

  • Learn the equipment: set up , safety systems, adjusting the power, pack up and carry.

  • Kite piloting skills: steering the kite, practice the safety systems, controlling the power, one hand control, launching & landing and relaunch from the water.

  • Power management: generating power strokes , body dragging sideways, recovering the board and practice self-recovery of the kite.

  • Board skills: get up on the board both side, standing and riding, stopping and slaloming, changing direction and edging and going upwind.

  • Navigation skills: kitesurfing both directions, riding among other kiters and handling waves and deep water.

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