This Foilboard package is intended for a " quick learner" kitesurfer, looking to buy a performant equipment immediately !


The Moses 633 Onda Foil model is a high quality full carbon foil, versatile and very comfortable to learn with.


Comes with a 75 or 91cm Aluminum mast , which makes the price much more affordable , yet with owning a Moses foil, ranked on the top 3 foil brand on the market 


It comes with various board: We recommend the T40 board , 144 cm Carbon made, perfect all around board to start with. Shaped specifically to improve the easy of use and versatility. This board will provide you flotation enough for easy progress. 

THE FOIL PACKAGE includes 50% OFF on FOILBOARDING LESSON  from Christophe our expert foilboard coach & IKO examiner -


The first hour focuses on board balance control and foiling sensation without a kite, using our innovative MKB BOOSTER at low speed, easy and safely.


The 2nd lesson is in deep water with your kite using JETSKI SUPPORT  and RADIO HELMET technology,


These first lessons of initial coaching are crucial for safer learning and  a guaranteed route to fast progress.


Call Chris to ORDER your foil package, and BOOK your lesson: (786)-897-8769