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MASTERS 2023- 19th Edition 

 Schedule & Procedures

Date: Saturday & Sunday, 29th & 30th of APRIL 2023 from 10.30am to 6pm



It looks we were wise to wait as the forecast turns to be even more favorable than we expected for this weekend:


Saturday: S wind @14 knots in the afternoon – High tide 4.35pm 


Perfect conditions to run all the RACES on that day:  We will start with the SLALOM by 11am, then will wait for the high tide to run WINGFOIL and FOIL Races from 2 to 5.30pm 

Races AWARD ceremony will be the same day.


Sunday: SSW @20+ knots with higher Gusts when the rain bands pass over. 


The wind will shift more SW after this rain but should give us enough of a window to run the FREESTYLE contest in the morning at 10am, Be ready!

SSW wind is actually Side-shore at Crandon so we should be good until the rain comes.

We will run the Freestyle AWARD Ceremony right after.

So the event may even be wrapped up before the rain starts! 



After completed your payment, you will receive an email and a QR code together: BRING IT ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT to redeem your Contestant's Race lycra !



We will run several Pools/ Heats with mixed level contestants. The first half continue to Gold division, the 2nd half goes to Silver division, so everyone end up where their level dictates and have opportunity to race more and win a trophy in either Gold or Silver classes. (For each categories: Youth <18 / Wise>50 / Men / women) 


SLALOM RACES - Easy reaching between few marks. Accessible to any L3 riders


KITEFOIL RACES - Upwind/downwind between 2 marks. Requirement: being able to keep their kite up while maneuvering. 

WINGFOIL RACES - Same as Slalom.  Open to any confident wingfoiler.

FREESTYLE CONTEST - Best tricks scored.  Again; any level welcome, knowing that we run a Gold and a Silver competition so each kiter has a chance to compete against similar contestants. 

NOTE: MKB race committee may adjust the format according to the wind conditions on those days to allow for best fulfillment of the contest. 

Stay tuned for Weather updates. 

If Wind doesn't cooperate, we will postponed the Event to the following weekend.  And so on. 


FEES :  (click "View Price Option", on the link above )

1 Contest:    $40

2 Contests: $65

3 Contests: $85

4 Contests: $100

NOTE: Crandon current and active Yearly Pass Holders enjoy a $20 discount 


Includes a contestant's lycra to redeem on 1st day of the event at MKB Tent 

1- Weather forecast:

Forecast : TBA

Tides at Crandon Park: SAT High 10.35am / Low 16.50 - SUND High 11.15am/Low 17.35 

More updates to come in the days preceding the event. Stay tuned !


2- Daily Schedule of the Event:

9.00am to 10.30am: Riders set up & Registrations on the beach (@ MKB Booth , Tower#2 )

Rest of the Day TBA 

5.00pm: Drinks & Awards ceremony at MKB shop ( for any of the contests run that day - TBA


3- Categories:

4 categories will be awarded : Men, Women, Youth <18 , Wise >50

They will race altogether, and will be scored through points system.

1 trophy per winner in each category and for each division, Gold & Silver 


4-Divisions & Races logistic:

For safety reason and to limit the risk of tangling, each race will be run in pool of 10 Kiters/Foilers/Wingfoilers only at once

Considering the difference of technical level amongst the contestants, we will create 2 divisions : GOLD & SILVER 

So each contestant will have a fair competition and enough races worth of his participation to the contest, regardless of his level

To determine which Division you will compete in, a first race will act as a “qualifier round”: the first top half racers will run the in the GOLD division , and the second half will run in SILVER for the rest of the competition.

Basically, there is 2 contests at once : the “Semi-pro” and the “Amateurs” , but the selection is natural and organic according to your level.

And each division will have their winner’s trophy : Men, women, Junior, Wise


5- Courses

There will be 2 courses format: TBA on the day of the event according to wind conditions

- Upwind/ downwind format( most likely a sure format for Kitefoil races)

- Board Reach format 

One or more rounds of the race course will be decided on that day according to wind strength

Again the idea here is to make it fair and enjoyable for all contestants : not everyone master the roll tack or the jibe required for the Upwind/Downwind course , but if you ride fast you can catch up points in the Reaching race !

A third race will be run in case of a tie in each division.


6- Scoring

A simple points system will be applied to score each contestant:

1st place = 1 point

2nd place = 2 points ….and so on.

So the Least point is the winner !


7- Starting Procedures

After the morning Registrations and after each RACE / HEAT  look for your name on the Race board by MKB Booth to know in which race you are running next.

On Land Attention Signal:

A tall GREEN FLAG, followed with a long blowhorn will announce 10 Minutes before the Starting procedure is launched at the committee boat in the water : that’s when you rush to the Course area if you don’t want to miss the start !


On Water Starting Procedures:

3min before start : YELLOW FLAG + GREEN FLAG are UP + long blow

1min before start : YELLOW FLAG is DOWN + long blow

START: GREEN FLAG is DOWN + long blow


8- Premature Start & Recall procedures :

Contestant doing a premature start must go back around the starting Buoy : BLUE FLAG UP + long blowhorn signal

More than 5 Racers in a premature start position : full Recall : BLACK FLAG UP + 5 Blowhorn


9- Tangling and Right of Way rules (ROW) :

Tangling : Both racers disqualified

Note: If a blatant and voluntary fault from a racer, is noticed by the race committee and/or Jetski patrol, the faulty contestant only is disqualified, the other kiters will be re-positioned or re-run the next race.

ROW penalties : each ROW violation disqualify the contestant


10- Safety and sportsmanship

- Helmet and Flotation aid MANDATORY for KItefoiling and Wingfoiling Contests: No EXCEPTIONS ! 

- Insurance Waiver & Registration also mandatory to participate in the event : you can save time by filling both in our online registration,  or at the MKB Booth on the day of the event if you are a last minute contestant.

This contest is a community event that allows any kiteboarder with a Minmum riding Level 3M IKO, to compete on a friendly “All-Welcome” type of race: Any agressive behavior will be disqualified- if you feel overwhelmed or unsure of your skills , make way to prevent collision - respect the race committee decision, they all volunteered - Play fair with all contestants , we are here to enjoy, share and learn.

- Please respect Crandon Park Kitesurfing Rules , displayed clearly on site and at entrance of the beach.

- Body-Drag a MUST when EXITING / RETURNING to/from  the beach, to protect beach patrons and their families  on shore ! Rogues Kiters will be grounded for the day. 

- GOLDEN RULES : No JUMP within 200 feet from the shore ! 

Thank you for your cooperation.

11- Award ceremony and Happy hour

Award ceremonies will happen around 5pm each day, after the end of races/contests.  

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